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Since NOV 2010, we have been providing professional study abroad consulting services with the primary goal of giving the best services and quality guidance to Indian students who wish to fulfil their ambitions of “studying MBBS at ABROAD.” We are the one-stop, most reputable “MBBS study ABROAD Consultant,” providing end-to-end admission support services. We have extensive experience in professional counsellors and completely qualified professionals who can aid and direct Indian students in choosing the appropriate course abroad.

As a student, you can always rely on us for incredibly good, professional service.


Admission in the Top ranked Universitys/Medical collages : We help you get a spot in the best medical schools in the Philippines, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, China, Nepal, and many other countries across the world. Study medicine at the greatest medical schools that have received MCI approval while paying relatively little for tuition and living expenses and using Indian facilities.

Top medical universities with MCI approval : Most medical universities have received MCI approval. The student will be qualified to practice in any foreign country, including India. after graduating from the MBBS programme abroad.

No Donation : The cost of pursuing an MBBS abroad is free of donation and capitation fees. In India, every student is required to make a gift, with the exception of those who meet the government’s quota. based on the policies and guidelines of the Medical University.

No entrence test : For Indian students, there is no need to take the entrance exam in order to enrol in the MBBS programme abroad; instead, they must meet the eligibility requirements in order to do so.

The Medium of teaching is English: Despite speaking their own official language, the whole MBBS programme is taught in English. Learning the regional tongue for practise and academic purposes is not required of Indian students.


Counselling : We have a committed, full-time team of professionals working as counsellors. who offer students& who desire to pursue their ambition of becoming medical professionals in another country quality guidance. Using our helpline numbers, chat assistance, or email, students can schedule appointments for the counselling process at any time.

Choice of course and nation : We have a highly skilled and knowledgeable team that helps you choose the ideal course at the top university in the most reputable nation offering the best MBBS programme.

Admission guidence and proccess : Indian students may find the admissions process challenging because they are unfamiliar with it. By helping you to prepare the necessary applications and paperwork, we make the application process for MBBS abroad hassle-free.

Visa Assistance : The student When applying for admission to an MBBS programme abroad, a visa is a requirement. We work with students to help them prepare the necessary documentation for their visa applications and ensure that they meet all requirements for 100% approvals.

Travel and Forex assistence : Each student who travels abroad for the MBBS programme wishes from the bottom of their hearts for safe and secure journey. We assist in reserving airline tickets for the desired location and enable students to “stay & travel” with ease all over the world. Without charging more, we also provide free assistance with the travel and forex discussions.

Pre-Departure guidence : Specific rules and requirements, such as the amount of luggage allowed on flights, check-in, boarding, terminal, and safe and secure travel, applied to students travelling abroad to pursue their MBBS degrees. Our professionals guide you through the pre-departure processes and provide you with all the information you need to travel happily and safely.

List of Countries


Study MBBS in “RUSSIA”

Russia is known for its innovative and powerful educational system. It has a high literacy rate of 99.7%. It attracts a large number of international students, particularly those who want to study MBBS in Russia, due to its high educational quality and cost efficiency. Russia is the top destination for Indian students who are looking to study MBBS abroad at an affordable budget. Since majority of Russian medical universities have started offering 6 years MBBS program in the English language, more and more number of Indian students are heading to Russia to study MBBS in Russia. International students who are interested in literature, art, history, or Russian language studies frequently choose to study in Russia. In a country with a wide range of cultures, international students studying there will receive a top-notch education.


As it improves its medical education to meet standards set by the rest of the world, Ukraine is one of the top foreign locations for Indian students to pursue MBBS. In Ukraine, there are numerous top-tier public medical institutes that provide affordable MBBS and MD programmes.

internationally renowned programmes (WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL). efficient in terms of cost. Standard of European Life. Ukrainian teaching methodology is accepted worldwide.

Simple and clear explanation follows for this: Tuition costs at private medical schools in Ukraine are significantly lower than at universities in India. Ukrainian universities have received recognition from the World Health Council.


The Caucasus area of Eurasia is where Georgia is a nation. It is bordered by the Black Sea, Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. It is situated at the nexus of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Tbilisi is Georgia’s capital city. It has a population of about 3.72 million and a total area of 70,000 square kilometres, approximately. Georgia’s unitary, semi-presidential government is chosen using democratic procedures.

MBBS in Georgia is completely worthwhile. Georgia is one of the most well-liked locations for international medical education.

  • NMC approved medical colleges
  • MBBS is recognised by WHO
  • Renowned Universities
  • Affordable tuition fees
  • Affordable living expenses
  • High Quality of Education
  • Course in English Language
  • IELTS not required
  • MBBS degree accepted globally


Numerous students from all over the world are drawn to Armenia’s medical universities because of the country’s affordable tuition. Due to the advantages offered by Armenia’s top government medical institutes, students who have the choice of pursuing their MBBS overseas prefer to do so in Armenia.

The greatest alternative for Indian medical aspirants may be MBBS in Armenia. In their medical university, Indian students are given everything they could possibly want. Thousands of students choose to study medicine in Armenia because of the affordable MBBS course fee, beneficial clinical exposure, high-quality medical education, modern infrastructure, and well-stocked laboratories.

Armenian MBBS may be the best option for Indian medical hopefuls. Indian medical students receive everything they may possibly need at their university. Numerous factors influence why thousands of students decide to pursue medical studies in Armenia, including the reasonably priced MBBS course fee, advantageous clinical exposure, superior medical education, cutting-edge infrastructure, and fully supplied laboratories.


Kazakhstan has emerged as an attractive location for higher education in Central Asia as one of the fastest-growing nations. A fair academic system, a demanding curriculum, and a dynamic student culture are all features Kazakhstan offers along with great facilities and quality that meets international standards.

One of the finest possibilities for Indian students who wish to pursue MBBS overseas is to study in Kazakhstan, where the programme only lasts 5 years. Medical students will directly benefit by saving a year, and they can use that year to pursue internships or careers.


Asia’s top education systems are found in the Philippines, where you can study MBBS. For Indian students who want to study entirely in English at a reasonable cost and receive a top-notch medical education, this is one of the best options. 90% of people in the Philippines are literate. It demonstrates that the country’s top priority is education.Compared to major study abroad locations like the US or the UK, the nation boasts exceptionally affordable tuition rates. You can spend more money on tourism and touring the islands because living expenses are low.The cost of an MBBS programme in the Philippines can range from 2.5 to 25 lakhs each year. The cost of living is roughly between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,000 per month.

Among Indian students looking to pursue an MBBS, the Philippines is one of the top choices. It offers the highest academic and practical education possible, preparing the students to be successful professionals

Study MBBS in “BELIZE”

In 1996, the Belize Medical College of the Central America Health Sciences University (CAHSU) was established. Belize City is where the university is situated. Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is located in the Caribbean Basin on Central America’s east coast. Due to the excellent facilities offered to both international and domestic students, Belize’s MBBS programme has consistently ranked among the top in the world. It has been made possible by combining top-notch technological infrastructure with the best clinical educators.

Premedical training is typically required for MBBS in the Caribbean. Before beginning the five-year MD programme, which entails a variety of core disciplines, students must complete one to two years of prerequisite coursework. To become a good doctor, one needs to have a sound medical foundation for about six years.

Study MBBS in “FRANCE”

France is the perfect country to earn your degree while studying abroad because of its rich culture, delectable cuisine, beautiful architecture, and vibrant student scene! Learning French and gaining cultural insight are two benefits of studying there.The nation is renowned for its outstanding educational system, top-notch colleges, and a wide range of courses in many different study areas, but it is also well-known for its culture, food, wines, fashion, people, and more. It is one of the most hospitable and accommodating places for international students.

The first year’s MBBS tuition in France costs between 50, 000 and 60, 000 INR. These are the tuition costs for non-French citizens studying in France (in first year only).

At the MBBS college in France, instruction is of the highest calibre and meets all international criteria. The costs of an MBBS are reasonable and student-friendly in France. The French medical school admissions process is simple and hassle-free.


The country has made a name for itself as the ideal location for students to pursue MBBS at affordable rates because of its emphasis on providing high-quality medical education. The government funds all of Kyrgyzstan’s leading medical schools, which provide exceptional educational standards.80% of Kyrgyzstan is made up of mountains, which gives the country its nickname, “Switzerland of Central Asia.” And when it comes to studying medicine, Kyrgyzstan’s MBBS programme has grown fairly popular among Indian medical students because of the country’s top-notch medical schools that provide high-quality education at reasonable costs.

A great alternative for young Indian students is the MBBS programme in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan’s medical system is cost-effective and guarantees high-quality instruction within set financial constraints. In Kyrgyzstan, there are numerous public and private colleges that offer MBBS programmes that are MCI and WHO approved.

The MBBS course in Kyrgyzstan has a pretty straightforward curriculum in comparison to several other nations. Therefore, there is a potential that some Indian students could grow complacent and begin to disregard their academy

Study MBBS in “EGYPT”

Since 1827, medical education in Egypt has had a modern history. The recommendations of the national symposium on innovation in medical education, which was held in Al-Fayoum, southeast of Cairo, at the start of that year, served as a framework for developing its curricula.

Egypt has emerged as a new study abroad destination for MBBS admission. The third most populous nation on the continent of Africa is thought to be Egypt. One of the major civilizations of the ancient Middle East was centred in Egypt’s heartland, the Nile river valley and delta, which also served as the location of one of the world’s first urban and literary cultures, along with Mesopotamia further east.

Currently, a national coordinating office oversees all admissions to higher education institutions in Egypt, including medical schools. 10,000 doctors graduate on average each year from Egyptian medical schools, with a nearly equal male to female ratio for both entrance and graduation. The British model, which consists of a five-year undergraduate medical education curriculum, has been used by Egyptian medical schools up to this point.This system (in Egypt) adopts English as the primary medium of instruction and has a distinct pre-clinical versus clinical distinction. After graduating, students receive a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBCh), however they must complete a two-year internship programme in order to become licenced to work as general practitioners. Nearly all medical schools in Egypt have constructed teaching hospitals, and the majority of students receive their clinical training only at these hospitals.

The medical councils of numerous nations, including India, America, the UK, and UNESCO, as well as the WHO, MCI, WFME, ECFMG, and WHO, have accredited the universities in this region. To those who merit it, Egyptian colleges also award scholarships. Because they may experience Egyptian traditional cultures while studying, students choose to pursue MBBS in Egypt.


Over the years, Cairo University has carried out its objective of providing research, instruction, and cultural services well. When compared to Egypt’s other, more recent institutions, it is regarded as the mother institution. The internationally renowned Cairo University offers its research and educational resources to scientists and students from Arab and international universities.

In Giza, Egypt, there is a large university called Cairo University. The University of Colorado is dedicated to educating students for the demands of a profession that is changing quickly. Our graduates join the workforce with the skills necessary to flourish in today’s global marketplaces thanks to interactive learning and information technologies. Cairo University was founded in 1908 and today comprises 26 faculties/institutions in various scientific fields, with a total enrollment of over 250000 students.

Mission statement : Improve the academic skills of the faculty and their assistants in order to better equip them for the age of science and technology revolution. This can be done by developing the university’s human and financial resources as well as its faculty and staff. In this regard, the university has adopted innovative techniques to create the framework of academic research in order to satisfy societal and research needs and to support its scholars and researchers.


  • teaching method: English.

  • similar to India’s curriculum and a five-year MBBCh programme. NQAAA, WFME, MCI(NMC), WHO, and ECFMG Approved

  • 5200-bed teaching hospital for better clinical exposure

  • 193 years old government university, founded in 1827.

  • world-class facilities and a daily patient flow of about 1000.

  • The college is located in Cairo, the Egyptian capital.

Study MBBS in “SPAIN”

The second-largest nation in Europe, Spain has stunning scenery. It has a distinctive culture and an excellent educational system that is well-known throughout the world for its instruction and research. For international students, studying medicine in Spain will be a rewarding experience.

  • Spain is home to many highly regarded universities, many of which are among the top 200 medical schools in the world.
  • wonderful community of international students Numerous universities in Spain are home to more than 2 lakh foreign students.
  • Different Cultures The outstanding, enjoyable, and exceptional Spanish culture is quite remarkable. Without a doubt, Spain is a great place to learn and unwind.
  • Cost-effective tuition The cost of studying medicine for overseas students in Spain is both acceptable and economical when compared to other countries like the US, Australia, or the UK.


The capital of Belarus is Minsk. It is a contemporary, global city. The Minsk airport, a number of significant train stations, the Minsk metro subterranean network, and a well-established road system are just a few of its great transportation options. With frequent flights from India, Belarus is well connected with Airways. The average temperature of Belarus is between 0 and -5 degrees Celsius throughout the year, with summers typically being between 25 and 30 degrees.

Poland borders Belarus in the west, and Lithuania and Latvia border it in the north. Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe. No matter what time of year, Belarus is a fantastic site to explore due to its deep history and beautiful architecture. with a love of natural history and wildlife, and a wide geographic background

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