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The JEE Advanced Rank Predictor by A2Z DOCTORS  is a valuable tool for candidates who want to know specific details about their scores and whether or not they will be admitted to their preferred IIT institutes.

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The JEE Advanced rank predictor tool has been specifically intended to assist applicants in estimating their rank based on their exam scores. All they need to do is enter the details asked in the respective columns, and the approximate rank will be displayed on the screen.

Candidates must note that the rank displayed on the screen is approximate or tentative rank and not the final rank. This tool is very helpful as candidates can at least be aware of the closest possible rank they would get and expect their desired IIT institutes accordingly.

How to Calculate the JEE Advanced Score?

Candidates can estimate and calculate their JEE Advanced score in seconds just by following these simple steps.

·         Download JEE Advanced answer key link from the official website.

·         Follow the official marking scheme and compare your answers

·         Calculate the score and remember the marks obtained.

How to Estimate the JEE Advanced Rank?

Candidates can estimate and calculate their JEE Advanced score in seconds just by entering a few details.

The following details are to be entered to get an estimate of the JEE Advanced rank:

·         Click on the JEE Advanced Rank Predictor link

·         Enter the details asked on the page

·         Click on the submit button

·         The tentative rank would be displayed on the screen

What are the Benefits of Using the JEE Advanced Rank Predictor Tool?

The JEE Advanced Rank Predictor Tool is very beneficial for the students who are awaiting their results and rank to get into IITs.

Using this tool will help the students understand their scores way before the official announcement. They will be able to know where they will be placed once the results are out.

Students will be confident about the closest possible score and rank they will get. The JEE Advanced Rank Predictor Tool will help them plan and start preparing to get into the desired or estimated IIT institutes.

Previous Year Marks Qualifying Marks & JEE Advanced Rank

Candidates can refer to the data given below to analyse or calculate their expected rank.

Marks out of 360

Estimated Rank

335 Marks to 308 Marks

10 to 50

285 Marks to 279 Marks

100 to 200

230 Marks to 224 Marks

700 to 800

212 Marks to 209 Marks

1100 to 1200

200 Marks to 197 Marks

1500 to 1600

191 Marks to 189 Marks

1900 to 2000

177 Marks to 175 Marks

2700 to 2800

172 Marks to 170 Marks

3100 to 3200

163 Marks to 162 Marks

3900 to 4000

155 Marks to 154 Marks

4700 to 4800

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many qualifying papers are there for JEE Advanced?

Ans. There are two papers for JEE Advanced – Paper 1 & Paper 2. The total score from both papers will be considered to prepare the JEE Advanced Rank list.

Q2. How is the rank decided for two candidates with the same marks?

Ans. The following things are considered while estimating the rank of 2 candidates with the same aggregate marks.

·         The candidate with the higher positive marks will be awarded a higher rank.

·         The candidate who scored higher in Maths will be awarded a higher rank.

·         If both the candidates have scored the same in Maths, then it will be decided on the marks scored in Physics.

·         If, at last, the tie still exists, then the same rank will be awarded to both candidates.

Q3. How are IIT seats assigned to qualified candidates?

Ans. The IIT seats would be allotted based on merit, preferred selection, category and seat availability.

Q4. Why should candidates use the JEE advanced Rank predictor?

Ans. Candidates get to know where exactly they stand with respect to their JEE Advanced rank using this JEE Advanced Rank Predictor Tool. They will have an idea about the IIT institute they can aim to get into.

Q5. How many times can a candidate appear for JEE Advanced?

Ans. A candidate can attempt the JEE Advanced Exam maximum of two times in two consecutive years. Therefore, candidates should be very well prepared for their JEE Advanced Exam, as this rank determines their chance of getting into the best IIT institutes.

Stay tuned to A2Z DOCTORS  to know more information about the JEE Advanced exam, syllabus, pattern, eligibility and a lot more.