Thank you for buying a course with us. We want to make sure that our STUDENTS have an exceptional career counselling experience . As with any online purchase experience, below are the terms and conditions that govern the Refund Policy. When you buy a package on the https://a2zdoctorz.local/, you agree to our Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and the conditions covered below.

Cancellation & Refunds:

We understand that you can change your mind. Online REGISTRATION are generally not eligible for a refund. We may approve a refund/transfer request under specific conditions:

– You have registered (accidentally) for the wrong choice of Service

– Transfer to a different online counselling service

– If the cancellation is requested by the customer within 7 days before the counselling service starts, 100% of the counselling fee paid will be refunded within 2-3 working days.

All other situations: Your amount is non-refundable.

Refunds Terms & Conditions


 Online Counselling Services cannot be transferred to another student.

 Refunds are not issued for transfers to service of equal or lesser value.

 If you transfer to a more expensive service, you must provide payment for the additional fee / service charges at the time of transfer.

 No refund will be payable once the Service/program goes live.

 If you have started a counselling service or passed the 7 days cancellation period after the purchase, your fee is non-refundable.

 After you’ve submitted your refund request you can check the status of your refund in your purchase history. You will also be sent an email confirming that your refund request has been processed.