Chemistry 40 Days Crash Course

Day 1 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Day 2 States of Matter

Day 3 Atomic Structure

Day 4 Chemical Bonding & Molecular Structure

Day 5 Unit Test(General Chemistry)

Day 6 Chemical Thermodynamics

Day 7 Thermochemistry

Day 8 Solutions

Day 9 Physical and Chemical Equibrium

Day 10 Lonic Equilibrium

Day 11 Unit Test(Physical Chemistry-I)

Day 12 Redox Reactions

Day 13 Electrochemistry

Day 14 Chemical Kinetics

Day 15 Adsorption and Catalysis

Day 16 Colloidak State

Day 17 Unit Test(Physical Chemistry II)

Day 18 Classification and Periodiaty of Elements

Day 19 General Priciples and Processes of Isolation of Metals

Day 20 Hydrogen

Day 22 P-Block Elements (Group-13 to Group-18)

Day 21 S-Block Elements

Day 22 P-Block Elements (Group-13 to Group-18)

Day 23 The d- and f-Block Elements

Day 24 Coordination Compounds

Day 25 Unit Test 4(Inorganic Chemistry)

Day 26 Environmental Chemistry

Day 27 General Organic Chemistry

Day 28 Hydrocarbons

Day 29 Organic Compounds Containing Halogens

Day 30 Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen

Day 31 Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen

Day 32 Unit Test 5(Organic Chemistry-I)

Day 33 Polymers

Day 34 Biomolecules

Day 35 Chemistry in Everyday Life

Day 36 Analytical Chemistry

Day 37 Unit Test 6(Organic Chemistry-II)

Day 38 Mock Test 1(Based on completed Syllabus)

Day 39 Mock Test 2(Based on Complete Syllabus)

Day 40 Mock Test 3(Based on complete Syllabus)