Textbook Solutions for CBSE Class 6-12

In the contemporary world, the pedagogy of education has changed from sitting in a classroom with all your friends and the instructor making you learn the subject to sitting in front of your smartphone or laptop screen and watching the PDF screen shared by your teachers. Moreover, the pandemic has completely changed the way of teaching and learning. Unable to grasp all the concepts taught online, the students find it difficult to solve their textbook problems and are often rendered helpless. Many students ask their elder siblings for help, but many others cannot find the right person to guide them to the right path. Expert books like RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, etc., have many examples for the students to comprehend the topics. However, several exercise questions still baffle the students. Keeping this in mind, we have created expert solutions for awe-inspiring ‘RD Sharma’, spellbinding ‘RS Aggarwal’, and the thought-provoking ‘Lakhmir Singh Solutions.’

Candidates studying under the CBSE board and looking for the solutions to these three knowledgeable books can refer to this article. We have posted the solutions for all the exercises, including NCERT for Class 6 to Class 12 for major subjects like Math and Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology separately for classes 9 and 10), following the updated academic session 2020-21. The solutions for Class 6 to Class 12 have been created to assist students at all academic levels. The solutions of each book have been provided with thorough answers for all questions while keeping the marking scheme for each question in mind.

A2zdoctors has made a great effort to provide keynotes following each section with the fundamental overview, major equations, and the main topics addressed in the reading material. Students seeking acceptable solutions to queries in RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, and Lakhmir Singh books will now be able to put their search to rest. These RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, and Lakhmir Singh course answers arrangements are built up after extensive research, making it stand out amid other online RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, and Lakhmir Singh Solutions. It provides a step-by-step explanation of each address presented in the course materials. The a2zdoctors RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, and Lakhmir Singh Solutions may also be of great assistance to students for their home assignments and state and national level competitive examinations.


Without further ado, let us look at the book-wise segregation of a2zdoctors Solutions for RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, and Lakhmir Singh. Each book has a different section in this article, and each of them is introduced thoroughly along with the list of chapters.